Starnet is the only company in the field of telecommunications services that offers service in the most difficult areas. The combination of Satellite and Wireless network is an innovation that has made possible Internet supply in very difficult areas, such as:

1. Miras, Korce

2. Isvorë, Tepelenë

3. Ujëmisht, Kukes

4. Kelmend

5. Vermosh

6. South coast in 2015

We have used Sector Carrier Class antennas from RF elements® in the Summer Project, whose goal was to provide Wi-Fi service across the Albanian seaside. Antennas are used as Outdoor Access Points in high dense populated areas. Their advantages are very high in regards of quality and stability of the connection, and behave much better in a frequency crowded environment. For more click here Testimonial-Starnet-Tirana-Albania

7. Vodafone

and many others waiting…