The company "Starnet" shpk is committed to ensure the protection of the personal data of its subscribers and of any other subject whose personal data is collected and processed for legal purposes. This process is carried out in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 "On the Protection of Personal Data" as amended, Law No. 9918 dt. 19.05.2008 "On Electronic and Postal Communications" amended as well as other by-laws and regulations of competent bodies operating in the field of personal data protection.

The following are the basic rules on the basis of which the protection and processing of personal data in the company Starnet shpk is disciplined.


 Personal data processed by Starnet shpk

1. Starnet shpk processes the personal data of users of electronic communications services, which include name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, ID number or other data of this nature which are defined in the Model Contract of Service with the User (internet, mobile phone).

2. Starnet shpk processes telephone and Internet traffic data. Telephone traffic data includes data such as call time, duration, number called, charging for the respective service, etc.

 Registration administration and processing

1. The retention, storage and processing of data is done in order to fulfill the contractual obligations arising from standard electronic communications contracts (internet, mobile phone) and for the legal purposes clearly specified in the legislation on electronic communications and processing theirs should be done only on the basis of these goals.

2. In accordance with this rule, in the standard service contract, approved by the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, all the necessary terms and conditions are defined that inform and make the subscriber aware of the storage and processing of personal data according to the law.

3. The data is kept in a correct, careful, accurate, complete and up-to-date manner. Each subject of personal data is granted all the rights provided for in the law "On the protection of personal data" as amended.

4. Starnet shpk company applies appropriate procedures, including periodic review and control, to ensure that every data is kept up to date.

5. Data are kept no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or further processed.

 The website of Starnet shpk

Through the website, Starnet presents the company profile, services, offers, packages with rates, various promotions, etc. Each site visitor provides personal data voluntarily when, through this site, he sends e-mails to the company's official e-mail addresses. The personal data collected in this way are stored and processed in full accordance with the legislation in force and this regulation. No personal data is collected by Starnet shpk without the consent of the site visitor.

The Starnet website may contain links to other websites. Starnet shpk is not responsible for the content of these sites and advises its visitors to read the relevant privacy policies for these sites.

 Dissemination of personal data to third parties

The dissemination of personal data to third parties will take place in the following cases:

- if these parties are agents or subcontractors of Starnet shpk;

– in implementation of legal obligations and certain competent bodies;

- in the case of wiretapping of telephone calls and internet use and to make these data available to the competent authorities only in accordance with Law No. 9157 dated 04.12.2003 on "Wiretapping of Telecommunications" and related amendments.

 Right of access of the data subject

1. Every individual for whom personal data is kept by Operatori Starnet shpk has the right to request information on the personal data being processed and the company will respond within 30 days of receiving the request. The request must be sent in writing to the address: Privacy Sector, Starnet shpk, Rr. Dritan Hoxha, MC Inerte Palace, Building 203, Laprake 1023, Tirana, Albania.

The request must contain the necessary data for the identification of the requester.

2. In response to the request for access Starnet shpk will:

i) provide the requester with the requested information accurately and within 30 days of receiving the request;

ii) If Starnet does not have any information regarding the request made, it will communicate this to the requester within 30 days.

3. If Starnet shpk refuses the requester's right to access, in accordance with one of those limitations provided by law, it will notify the requester in writing within 30 days and will include a statement on the reasons for the refusal. Also, the Requester will be informed of his/her right to complain to the Data Protection Commissioner regarding the rejection or to submit a request to check the exclusion in the specific case.

4. Each subject of personal data has the right to request the deletion or correction of any incorrect information, the right to object, the right to complain to the Commissioner for Data Protection, etc.

 Data security

Starnet shpk uses secure technologies to store the personal database. Starnet shpk ensures that the registration and transfer of data is done with full security measures according to the legislation in force.


Starnet shpk, processors and persons who are made aware of the processed data during the exercise of their functions, are obliged to maintain confidentiality and reliability even after the end of the function. These data are not disseminated, except in the cases provided by law. In the function of this obligation, Starnet shpk takes care of the serious training of the staff and acceptance of their responsibility through recognition, acquisition, acceptance and signing of the Declaration of Confidentiality.


If you have questions, remarks or requests about the content of this Regulation, inform us in writing at the following address:

Privacy Sector, Starnet shpk, St. Dritan Hoxha, MC Inerte Palace, Building 203, Laprake 1023, Tirana, Albania.